AmeriCorps NCCC: The Journey Begins

I left my house at 4:20am. I arrived in Vicksburg around 10:30am (they are central time, GA is eastern). When I arrived, I pulled into the parking lot to the left of Green Hall and the security guard found me and took me to the main office to get my name tag and room key.

The dorms are named after women (Mary, Catherine, and Anne). The dorms have three floors and they are coed (the rooms are same sex). Each building has a kitchen, a hangout/eating area, multiple toilets, and a washing room.



So there are a minimum of four beds in each room (bunks). Currently, Team Leaders are two to a room, but when the Corps Members arrive in a month, each room will most likely be to full capacity- especially since the other AmeriCorps campus closed and our member size has increased. There is even a room upstairs that has six beds in it!

The bathroom situation is okay, but definitely not what most of us are used to. There are currently four of us sharing a bathroom, but when the other members arrive, there will be eight to one bathroom…

The campus is truly beautiful; there are trees and flowers everywhere. We were told that the pool would be open on Thursday, but until then we are free to play volleyball, tennis, soccer, frisbee, and use the fitness center.

The staff here is really nice; there is really nothing negative to say about that. Unfortunately, I have nothing positive to say about the cell service down here. I have T-Mobile and I am unable to call or text anyone; I am connected to WiFi, so I can contact my family through WhatsApp and Facebook, but it’s still bleh.

Today we were issued our uniforms and tomorrow our training begins.

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