Countdown to School Starting

I am so ready for school! 1 more month!! I have not been active on my website because I truly haven’t been doing much except working and seeing family/friends.

My mom and I did visit my sister in Jacksonville this past weekend and that was nice. The weather was hot, but we went to the beach on Saturday night and it was cool there.

My mom and I stayed in a hotel that was about 30 minutes from my sister’s apartment. It was nice, but the floor felt slightly moist.

Breakfast was good.

Driving to Jacksonville went by faster than the trip back to mom’s house. This was predominantly because of construction on the way.

Work is good. We hired a new human and she starts on August 1st. There is also more work for me to do right now, so I am happy about being busy.

I’m sorry to leave this website so “blah”, but I just haven’t been on any exciting adventures. I guess life after AmeriCorps is a lot more ordinary. Oh well.

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