The fostering journey continues!

I have two more adorable dogs to show to you. We fostered Puma for 6 weeks and we fostered Melvin for about 2 weeks. They are both now in wonderful homes with families who are showering them with love and attention, and, most importantly: tennis balls.

Puma, a 6 year old Black Lab who is the best fetch player I’ve ever met
Melvin, a sweet 4 year old Golden Retriever who LOVES balls

I have to tell you that both of these dogs were so incredibly cute and sweet and wonderful to have in our home. Finding them good homes was, as always, bittersweet. One side of you wants to keep them forever, but another side wants to keep fostering, so you have to let them go. I know that when I do encounter another “dream dog” of mine that I will adopt, but I think it may take some time.