Mandatory “It’s Spooky Season” Post

I will be the first in my house to take out all of the Halloween and Fall decorations because I simply love this season! The cooler weather, the different colored leaves, and the perfect excuse to wear a long black hooded cape for no particular reason all make me so happy!

This October, I am most looking forward to bonfires in my backyard, as well as baking all the Halloween-themed cookies I can! I’ve signed myself and my fiancé up for a local ghost tour next weekend. It’s a fact that people rarely explore the area they live in, so I thought I would start getting to know mine.

I’ve also joined a local book club that happens to be spooky-themed. I figured it would be good for me to get out of the house sometimes, and books and fellow book-lovers seemed like a valid reason. The book this month is Something Wicked This Way Comes by Ray Bradbury. We shall see how I enjoy it.

I’ve decided to take a break from fostering this month because I am dog-sitting for both friends and family, so I won’t have much extra time to dedicate to taking care of other dogs. I will spend a portion of my free time in October cleaning up my yard and organizing the inside of our house because it’s getting a little chaotic. I will also try to spend a little more time doing outdoor activities since the weather will be more agreeable.

Next post, maybe there will be photos of some fun cookies to share!

New Developments and Updates…

March 13th: Delta 4 watches a movie on behalf of Megan’s upcoming birthday. Megan’s girlfriend comes up from Louisiana to join in on the Wizard of Oz and card opening party.

March 14th: Megan’s time off of work begins… or so she thought. This day consisted of errands and taking care of housing issues. Turns out that the housing point of contact thought Delta was leaving with Bayou So, now Delta 4 didn’t have housing. Many phone calls were made and received by a random selection of people.


March 15th: Delta 4 moved from the Memphis University Volunteer housing in Millington to the Biological Lab next door to a Christian Camp/Retreat Center in Memphis.

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March 16th: Megan’s actual birthday. This day was actually very nice. Birthday calls and a Memphis ghost tour.

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March 17th: A vegan restaurant. A book store. A walk in the park.

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March 18th: Grandma’s birthday. More of Megan being lazy and enjoying mostly not working.

March 19th: Back to work. 34 more days of Round 4.

UPDATE: So, Delta 4 is no longer in Millington, TN; we have been moved to For The Kingdom in Memphis, TN. We stay in 2 cabins because this camp does not do coed. There are 12 bunks in each cabin, 3 toilets, and 2 showers. Unfortunately, our heating system does not work and it was close to 36 degrees last night, so it was a tad chilly. The area is beautiful, but it is just as far from everything as Millington was. 

Tax stuff has slowed down tremendously and it is leaving a lot of down time during the work day…not good.

We don’t have to be at our work site today until noon, so I’m in the dining area surrounded by 87 middle schoolers from the city. I was up at 6, but the kitchen wasn’t opened until 7:30… I have been trying to get a hold of the housing person so I might get a key, but he hasn’t responded. This was yesterday at 5pm. We’ll see how the rest of this week goes; we only have 6 more full days (not including today).