Pepper Jelly- YUM!

I made pepper jelly for the first time with my stepdad several years ago. We used peppers from his garden and it was slightly spicy, but so good!! In recent weeks, I have gotten a craving for pepper jelly again and I also received some requests from my best friend because she loves it as well!

I picked this recipe and it made about seven 8oz jars of jelly. I don’t have a tall pot or a canning pot, so I improvise, but it always comes out delicious!

Pepper jelly is best eaten on a cracker with cream cheese. If your pepper jelly is too spicy, the cream cheese will help to dull the burn!

They can take up to 48 hours to set, so don’t be discouraged if they are still liquidly.

July 1, 2018

Happy first of the month! Today is Sunday, and my schedule is looking pretty bleak, but I don’t mind. The highlight of my day will be going to Walmart to purchase a pillowcase.

Some people have left for church this morning and the rest of us are either huddled in our rooms, eating breakfast in the lounge, or doing laundry.

On a personal note, I think I have a new career idea: project management. I know that it’s a very broad area, but so is my Managerial Sciences major. I like having options.

When we had our trainings on the two speciality teams (Fire Team and Construction Team), the presenter for the Construction Team mentioned that majority of those projects would be with Habitat for Humanity. This prompted me to some research on internships with them for when I return next year. If I enjoy working with them this year, and I do an internship with them, then I could be looking at a possible career with them… it’s just a thought.

We have three more weeks until the Corps Members arrive, and there is much to do. We’ve had trainings on how to have difficult conversations with our teams and members. We’ve had trainings on how to deal with accidents that happen with the van or with project sponsors. We’ve had so. many. trainings. And we are nowhere near done. They are definitely preparing us for the worst, so I feel that most of us will be able to handle anything that happens with some ease.

Tomorrow is a busy day. Let me run it down for you:

  1. Make sure everyone is packed for the trip later that evening.
  2. Final room and dorm check for inspection later.
  3. Class at 9am. (Hands of Peace; team building exercise/discussion)
  4. Room and entire dorm inspection while we are in class.
  5. Make lunch and return to class.
  6. Class ends at 5pm.
  7. Load vans with coolers, backpacks, and humans.
  8. Depart for Pineville, LA for the LRC
  9. Eat dinner before arriving at the base
  10. Be in bed *hopefully* by 10pm

June 11, 2018

Boy, do I have a story for you all:

Last night, my friends and I decided to make some pepper jelly. This was my third time making it. This time around, we used serrano peppers. We washed them, de-stemmed them, and de-seeded them. Without gloves.

I know, I know; big mistake; however, the last two times I made the jelly, I didn’t have this issue and I didn’t wear gloves then either!

Anyway, to make a long story short: my left hand, my right thumb, and part of my face started to burn. The burn was as if you were holding a flame to my skin- it was that intense. I jumped on Google to figure out a cure for this situation because I still needed to take out my contacts and go to sleep.

I found temporary relief in yogurt, cornstarch, rubbing alcohol, dish soap, and even hydrocortisone cream, but nothing provided permanent pain relief. I ended up going to my car to get my rubber gloves I always carry around (don’t ask) and took my contacts out with them. I fell asleep that night pretty quickly, but woke up often to my left hand feeling like it was on fire.

The next morning, I jumped on Google once more and found a woman’s post about mustard. She was right about it feeling much better afterwards, but it still only provided temporary relief. I applied that stuff three times.

As the day progressed (it was now about noon), it felt like my hands were feeling better and I thought I was on the downhill, but man was I wrong.

Once I reached my house that afternoon, the burning sensation was back in full force- I will even say that I think it was worse than it was the previous night. I was desperate for a solution and bathed my hand in milk, vinegar, and even sugar water per a friend’s suggestion, but still got no relief.

I found that water in general was absolutely no help. Warm/hot water was the devil. Also, putting pressure on the affected area or closing my fist brought on the worst pain and heat.

Throughout the day, I had other things to do: repair something on the lawn mower, drive my sister to the auto shop, and eventually go to the gym.

The gym. Believe it or not, the gym is what I think fixed my hands. I think I did so much sweating, that the “poison” came right out of my body. After the gym, there was no more burning, and it’s been a few hours now and my hands are still feeling normal.

I think most of the remedies mentioned above work best within the first 30 mins of touching the peppers; if you wait as long as I did, the oils will have already penetrated your skin and you’ll have minimal luck in removing or extracting it.

All I know is that from now on I am DEFINITELY wearing gloves.