AmeriCorps: Do I Stay in Touch With my Team?

It has been over 1 year since my AmeriCorps journey has come to an end (May 2019). I would say that I do a decent job of keeping in touch with 5 of my 8 team members and I talk to 1 fellow team leader on a quarterly basis.

I keep in touch through the app Marco Polo, I write letters, and then there is the occasional FaceTime or Instagram video chat.

I honestly didn’t know whether or not I would develop good enough relationship during my time in the program, but I am glad I did because a lot of high school friends and I grew apart or we don’t see each other as often, so I am grateful for new friends. I also only made one friend in my almost 6 years of college (LOL), so I will take all the extra friends I can get.

This post is a short one, but I wanted to encourage everyone to reach out to those you care about and to keep in touch with people who care about you, too. Write letters, send emails, follow them on social media, and maybe meet up every few months/years. Take a road trip, go camping, or meet up at a restaurant if you are in their areas.

4 dogs, 4 cats, 3 fish, 1 bird, and 1 bunny.

I have spent the past few days petsitting for my aunt and uncle and they have A LOT of animals. They have what’s included in the title, but also a frog and a salamander.

This week has involved a lot of driving because their house isn’t that close to where I live. I don’t really mind, though, because I do enjoy driving. Even in Atlanta.

I guess the only part I’m a little annoyed at is that I paid for June’s rent, but I haven’t spent but 1 night at my house and we’re already one week into the month. Oh well.

I’m hoping next week is a little more relaxed. I made zero plans, so my goal is to spend that time finalizing my room and meal prepping for the work week.

Speaking of work, that has been going well. They bumped me up to 30 hours because they’ve been delegating more things from the Sales/Operations side to me, in addition to my own area: Administration. I don’t mind; the day goes by faster when I have lots of things to do.

My highlight of this week is spending time with my favorite dog, Cleo. My grandma’s house is so close to my aunt and uncle’s place, so I’ve been seeing her almost daily.

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First Week Back Home

It has been one week since I got back from Mississippi. My room is wreck, I got two job rejections, and the houses I’m interested in renting all seem to have things missing (laundry hookup or laundry even on site, for example). On the bright side, I have plenty of time to see friends and family.

Today I am viewing another house in Atlanta. My hopes are high for this one even though they probably shouldn’t be. It’s yellow and a duplex. The neighbor was described on the website as “quiet and pleasant” so that’s reassuring.

Other plans for this evening involved Relay For Life, but it was just cancelled because of the rain.

I made balsamic vinegar and honey covered brussel sprouts for lunch today and they weren’t awful. My mother made some squash and cauliflower to go with them.

I’m a tad concerned for next week because I don’t have any job interviews and I’ve run out of houses in my area in my budget to go visit. It is a struggle. I suppose I have until August to really get things figured out, but I was really planning on getting a head start by the end of May.

Reader, I hope your day has been delightful. I hope your evening is even more delightful.

My next post will probably be a more in depth review of my AmeriCorps NCCC service term. There are many things I couldn’t fully speak on because I was actively serving, but I will go into more details about the things my team encountered.

Wrapping Things Up

Delta 4 arrived back on campus on Wednesday of this week. We had almost 20 hours of driving coming down from New Jersey to Mississippi.

Now that we’re back on campus, we’re wrapping up final debriefs, budget paperwork, and turning in supply items. We have all received our travel itinerary for our flights home, although, I will be driving, so I will be given gas money.

The entire class of 24C took a group photo, so Delta 4 took that opportunity to get some final team pictures in as well:

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The Corps Members leave on May 2nd and Team Leaders leave on May 4th. I will be driving my sister and I back to Georgia at that time.

However, before leaving, everyone had to complete a National Day of Service project. Delta found themselves in Cary, MS helping out the Cary Christian Center with organizing a warehouse and painting benches and picnic tables.

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Delta 4 is staying in Punta Gorda, FL

It has been confirmed that my team is officially staying in Punta Gorda for the remainder of Round 3. We’re pretty pumped about it because it’s warm, the work is rewarding, and the housing is AMAZING.

We recently finished our first full week and we also got a chance to check out the downtown area a bit. For PT last week, we grabbed some free bikes from Fisherman’s Village and rode them up the coast.

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While there are quite a few older people who live in the area, it shouldn’t push away anyone a little younger. Between weekly running/walking “pub runs”, the local ice cream shop, and of course the beautiful scenery that comes with Florida, it really is a lovely area.

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We’ve worked on 3 houses this week. The work is slow, but good. I’ll admit that I have never felt so inadequate in this program as I feel this project. I have braces on my right wrist and left knee, and I was just informed that the pain I have in my right foot could be plantar fasciitis.

Above, you have a before and after picture of some siding on the back part of a house.